9000 Dreams

Fri 27th Dec

w/ Avalon Emerson, Nathan Micay

What a ride it’s been having Avalon down at the club for her residency, inviting Roi Perez and club favourite JASSS along with a show stopping all night long set in the middle. To close out her series of quarterly visits, who better to bring along for the ride than Nathan Micay fka Bwana.

No newcomer to the scene, Nathan has been catching ears since 2012 under the Bwana moniker with 2016’s reimagining on the Akira soundtrack ”Capsule’s Pride” on LuckyMe, hyper-accelerating people’s perceptions of how film soundtracks and dance music can overlap, creating something irresistibly danceable from a highly abstract source matter. Fast forward to 2019 and Nathan under his birth name has gigged far and wide (think Berghain Garten b2b with Avalon & Closing Ortiga Sound System Festival with Tasker), released a massive IOM group baiting EP on Whities, headed up the RA podcast to mystical yet rocking effect and released another LP on LuckyMe full of larger than life synths, breakdowns and just a touch of trance.

With two DJs with a history of playing together and common sensibilities for the more ecstatic side of dance music, strap in for what’s set to be a sensational scorpio showdown.


Starts 23:00
Ends 04:00

DOOR TAX: £10/£12