Wed 24th Apr

w/ Dobbo Bandit Caffeine

We’re back in La Cheetah on Wednesday 24th. This time, we’ll be taking a back seat and letting some friends take over the night. Introducing Bandit, Caffeine and Dobbo. Three people who have supported us for a long time and who we feel have a good understanding of what A.D.S.R represents. Some Info about our guests below. Caffeine Hailing from Glasgow’s southside, Caffeine is gaining traction within Glasgow’s techno community. In the last year, Caffeine has played in clubs such as La Cheetah, Berkeley Suite and Broadcast. He takes inspiration from his ventures to parties hosted by the likes of Meat Free and Vault Sessions. Expect rolling rhythms and driving techno, incorporating ethereal sounds throughout. /// Bandit Bandit is a Glaswegian DJ and producer who refers to his style as old school techno; both driving and breathing, with a focus on groove and air-tight mixing. Through the use of up to 4 decks, Bandit aims to stay in the mix as often as possible in the hopes of keeping his sound engaging and unique. This concept always of layering and gluing specific elements of different tracks together allows for a perpetually morphing and evolving performance. Bandit has released a handful of podcasts where you can catch a glimpse of what to expect on the 24th, these include a vinyl/CDJ combination mix on Waxworkz, a darker and moodier mix on Lost Transmission, and most recently a feature on Animal Farm’s Podcast series. /// Dobbo Dobbo brings a deep groove filled with hypnotic energy. He works to curate an experience of intricate sound design and layering with powerful techno rhythm. Previous appearances at Carte Blanche, Eutony, Foundry and Frenetik have showcased his selection of raw dance music through dark and evolving journey. Artwork by Dobbo

Starts 23:00
Ends 03:00