Attention // Please

Wed 19th Jun

w/ Derek Carr (Live)

🤖 Derek Carr (Live)
🤖 A//P Residents, Eldo (Afloat)
🤖 £4/£6/£8

It’s with great pleasure that we welcome a true icon and pioneer of the underground music scene for our first ever live booking – Derek Carr.

The deep house legend is flying over from Dublin to show his brand new live set stacked full of new material. Expect rumbling intergalactic sounds laced with acid, electro and techno influences from Detroit.

Derek has been producing music for over 2 decades, with an unimaginable wealth of knowledge in all things deep, in particular using samplers and drum machines to create that ‘bleep techno’ sound.

Drawing influence from B12, the Black Dog, As One, Nexus 21 and Rhythmatic, he has gone on to release countless records on a variety of international labels, including Glasgow’s own Craigie Knowes, For Those That Knoe and Headspace Recordings to name a few.

It’s rare to see such raw talent in such an intimate setting, this will be nothing short of a spectacle.

Very limited batch of £4 tickets on RA, £6 before midnight // £8 after on the door.

Artwork by the talented Aidan Potter Design.

Starts 23:00
Ends 03:00

DOOR TAX: 4/6/8