Attention // Please

Wed 17th Jul

w/ Residents & Friends

We’ve had an exciting run of guests the past 3 months, with Miss World, Harri, Jordan and Derek Carr all delivering stomping sets – cheers to everyone who came and made them memorable!

For our July instalment in the La Cheetah basement, we’re going back to the basics with A//P residents will be doing what they do best. On the night we’re joined by some talented friends who we consider to be true selectors.

Mrrrkk (Mark Jamieson), a well known name in Glasgow’s nightlife scene, held the fort at The Buff Club, managing the club for a memorable 8 years. Being a BUSC resident for a whopping 6 years and Flat 0/1 for a few years, he’s fairly aquatinted with the art of partying. After living in Thurso (North AF) for the past year, Mark’s had more spare time than he knows what to do with and has been relentlessly collecting records and tracks for his return!

Sofi (Sophie Sanders), returns from her Italian exchange with a stack of new sounds to test out on the La Cheetah sound-system. Having warmed up for the likes of Gavin Rayna Russom (LCD Soundsystem) and experience in some of Glasgow’s best clubs (La Cheetah, Sub Clubb, The Berkeley Suite), we’re excited to see what Sophie brings to the table on the night!

Keeping it cheap as always for the mid week massive

£3 before midnight // £5 after

Starts 23:00
Ends 03:00

DOOR TAX: £3/5