Electric Salsa

Sat 22nd Jun

w/ Redstone Press + Bisset

After a 2-month hiatus we’re back and joined by none other than our favourite local label Redstone Press. Since they blew us away with their warmup for re:ni back in December we have decided to let them loose for the headline slot this time round. Pseudopolis’ second release on the imprint has also been released this year and flown off many a shelf with the likes of Batu, Paul Woolford, Re:ni playing it out.

Bisset also returns to the La Cheetah Club booth for a 2-hour solo set for the first time this year!

Review of latest release –
‘Aglow with porcine sweat from punching mist and kicking fog is the turbulent workout of Pseudopolis’ Pressure EP. Redstone Press co-founder surveys his smoggy kingdom with a non-stop workout of classic UK techno, and it’s enough to chase away the ne’er do wells and pretenders to the throne. The flying fists of ‘Yaris Crew’ and ‘Frenzied’ take no prisoners, as ‘Pressure’ and ‘Dirty Palette Cleanser’ inflate beyond breaking point without once letting off the steam gauge.’

LISTEN – https://soundcloud.com/redstone-press

£5 adv / b4 midnight ~~~~ £8 After

Starts 23:00
Ends 03:00