Wed 26th Jun

w/ Temple.Recordings

After the fun we had down in London early this year to play with these guys, it’s only right we invite them up to play Eutony at La Cheetah

An honest, unbridled love for the techno and clubbing scene is what sparked the friendship between two UK based djs and producers, and what inspired them to create Temple Records.
Using their label as a means of exploration and experimentation, both have managed to create a sound that reflects their Eastern European heritage, while resonating with a wider audience seeking to broaden their listening horizons.
Their journey began with their first label release, SNCTR.’s Idol EP, setting a firm establishment for the kind of energy that can be expected. Soon following this was a monthly podcast, not only as a means to showcase their own style, but to introduce listeners to new talents that share a similar, creative approach to the genre.
Presenting such a variety of sounds and styles, they aim to take listeners on a discovery of international and local artists who explore the depths of techno in their own unique fashion.
Following the podcast’s success, the team has now expanded as they delve into the events scene. Each night is curated to take the crowd on a mutual journey, with sets meticulously balanced and morphed; location carefully selected to emanate the mood and vibe their sounds create. Their growing, loyal crowd can expect mesmeric melodies balanced with euphoric energy, which is consistently reflected in the joyous atmosphere created in the room.
They aim to create a space that is comfortable yet exciting, foreboding yet welcoming – bringing like-minded people together to appreciate the vastness of sounds that make up the techno genre.


The Temple odyssey has only just begun, and no doubt the drive and passion behind the movement will continue to gain more momentum, earning them a well-deserved place in the UK’s clubbing and production scene.

Come down and see what these guys have got to bring to Glasgow’s number 1 small club La Cheetah ⚔️

£1.50 Drinks
£5 All Night Entry

Starts 23:00
Ends 03:00