Sat 19th Oct

w/ Repro

Over the past 2 years we have been running parties in the best club in Glasgow and with that, we have been lucky to bring variety of top artists along with us.

For our 2nd birthday party we thought we would bring someone special and someone new, one of our absolute favourite upcoming DJ’s and producers – Repro

Repro co-runs the Euromantic label and is one half of Funeral Future. In his solo guise he makes some of the most accomplished, striking and intense music on the Copenhagen scene. His sound is a hard, fast and fearless underground hybrid that draws influence from new and old skool techno and golden era ’90s hardtrance. It is proper rave gear that rarely falls below 140bpm. A compulsive music-maker who has produced hundreds of tracks in his time, Repro has released several impressive EPs on Freddy K’s KEY Vinyl, Mama Snake’s Ectotherm, Courtesy’s Kulor and Hector Oak’s KAOS. Repro’s music is urgent, unapologetic techno and his DJ sets a maximalist celebration of the Copenhagen sound, often containing tracks made by himself especially for the occasion.

For us the music coming out of Copenhagen at the moment is unmatched and we can’t wait to show you why. This one is not to be missed….

Support from residents Craigen & Kane

Starts 11:00
Ends 03:00

DOOR TAX: £5/7