La Cheetah Club 9th Birthday Pt.1
w/ DJ Stingray | Josey Rebelle

Friday 12th October
Starts 23:00 // Ends 04:00

£10 / £12 Advance

9 F**KIN YEARS!! Where’d they go? We were obviously having far too much fun to notice. A massive thank you goes out to all who’ve helped us keep the good vibes flowing since 2009! We’ll be announcing a few more of these over the coming weeks. If you think we’ve gone a bit OTT for our burfday or that we’re milking it slightly, wait till you hear the noise we make for the 10th celebrations next year! Haha!

Longtime friend and collaborator, DJ Stingray, is first up on the 9th bday announcements. He’s been playing shows for us going back to the beginning (near enough). The last couple of years have seen an Electro resurgence and he’s rightfully been noted for his contributions in it’s early days when he was the tour DJ for mythical Detroit duo, Drexciya, and the seminal output he’s responsible for through his Urban Tribe project and his Micron Audio imprint. He’s now at the forefront of the latest movement along sides the likes of Helena Hauff. This couldn’t be more deserved. Long may Stingray be rattling our brains at 150 bpm +!

A more recent friend of the club but no less significant is the one and only, Josey Rebelle. It’s been a pleasure to watch her rise through the ranks. Her abilities as a selector are now heralded by every act we have playing for us and are on show for all to hear with her regular Rinse FM shows. This will be her 3rd show in the club and we’ll be hoping to see her more often as time goes by. Each show has been of the highest calibre and we think the pairing of Josey and Stingray is a match made in heaven!

Wardy and Dom D’Sylva will be setting the pace on the night. Given it’s our bday and we wanna milk it as much as possible, we’ll be going till 4am to fit the greatness above in.