La Cheetah Club Presents

Fri 10th May

w/ Beverly Hills 808303

With great excitement we present you with Beverley Hills 808303 – the gritty electro acid project of Viewlexx / Intergalactic FM boss I-F!

His BH808303 show is a special one, typically reserved only for warehouse spaces and festival shows but he’s very kindly agreed to make a one off appearance in an intimate venue as part of our 10th year celebrations. A rare opportunity to catch the master for sure!

I-F has been a crucial part of The Hague’s scene since its inception, broadcasting the productions and releases of key figure’s such as Legowelt and Guy Tavares via his web transmission Intergalactic FM which bubbles with the sounds of Italo, electro, minimal wave and disco 24-7, highly regarded for unearthing countless gems to the masses.

Since the early 90’s his BH80830 project has focusses on the darker side of IFM’s sound, driven by the ground breaking Roland boxes, the TB-303 and TR-808, all executed with uncompromising distortion and grit.

Having caught his BH808303 shows at Crave Festival in the Hague last summer, not forgetting many unforgettable nights in La Cheetah under his I-F moniker we can’t wait for what he has lined up for us.

Starts 23:00
Ends 03:00

DOOR TAX: 10/12/15