La Cheetah Club 8th Birthday Pt.1
w/ Joy Orbison & Jon K (All Night)

Friday 13th October
Starts 23:00 // Ends 04:00

£10 / £12 Advance

It’s that time of year again, we’re gonna make a big fuss over the fact we’ve turned another year old… 2x premium parties on the way for you lot (who’ve made every night we’ve been open and absolute joy since day 1) though, so let us have our moment(s) in the sun 🙂

Pt.1 of our 8th birthday celebrations will go down like this…

Often people use the term “the finest DJ’s” or words to that effect (we say it ourselves regularly), in this instant that can’t be argued with IOHO. Good pals and the sickest of selectors, Joy Orbison & Jon K take control of our wee booth for 5 glorious hours (4AM TBC), helping us blow out those 8 candles in the stylishly sweaty fashion we’ve become accustomed to over the years.

There are a very limited number of advance tickets for this. Most tickets will be saved for the door on the night. Move quick on the tickets or get down early bells are our suggestions for this.