La Cheetah Club 9th Birthday PT.4
w/ Gesloten Cirkel

Saturday 1st December
Starts 23:00 // Ends 04:00

£12/ £15 advance

9 YEARS!! Where’d they go? We were obviously having far too much fun to notice. A massive thank you goes out to all who’ve helped us keep the good vibes flowing since 2009! If you think we’ve gone a bit OTT with all these bday announcements or that we’re milking it slightly, wait till you hear the noise we make for the 10th celebrations next year! Haha!

Since opening almost 9 years ago, we’ve e-mailed/phoned/sent out carrier pigeons/put out smoke signals (on a weekly basis) to anyone who may be able to help us out in locking down a GESLOTEN CIRKEL show in the club. FIIIINNNNAAAAALLLLLYYYYY, it gives us more pleasure than you could possibly imagine to say that, not only will he be playing for us in the club on Sat 1st Dec but it will be his full LIVE SHOW as part of our 9th birthday celebrations!!

Gesloten Cirkel has reached near mythical status over the years with only a hand full of records showing up intermittently, all of which are untouchable club destroyers and his live appearances are rare as hens teeth. He’s only very recently announced a few UK shows which looked highly unlikely for many years. As well as this being his Scottish debut, this is the only show planned north of the border anytime soon, in the most intimate setting you’ll get to see him anywhere!

Given this will fall within the festive licensing period, we’ll be opening till 4am. Our residents, Wardy & Dom D’Sylva will get a rare chance to stretch their legs in an environment they rarely do. NO SET TIMES. Get down for the full show. You wouldn’t want to miss any of it anyway!