Lezure 073

Fri 7th Jun

w/ Marijn S Kairogen Sloan

Next up we’re bringing an exciting double headliner from 2 up and coming artists, one local, one international; Marijn S & Kairogen. Marijn S is a DJ, producer and radio host based in Amsterdam. As a student at conservatory Haarlem, Radio TNP affiliate, as well as one of the faces behind independent record label and podcast Kulture Lab, she’s expanding her love and passion for music simultaneously. She’s released several tracks on V/A releases on Kulture Lab as well as an unbelievable EP on Lezure favourite SPRAY. Her DJ sets are all about merging sounds; from slow burners to fast paced experimental oddities, creating special moments that are momentary, yet memorable. She’s played at radio stations such as Operator Radio, Echobox, and Radio TNP, and played at clubs such as RadioRadio, Club Atelier and Studio K. Joining the lineup is good pal Kairogen. The 2023 Scottish Alternative Music Awards nominee for best live act is long overdue a Lezure gig. Her background of working in clubs and an education in visual arts has shaped her approach to playing and making music, enjoying textural rhythms and emotive melodies. Her style can vary from ambient pieces through to house and techno – preferring to choose in the moment what seems fitting for the context and time rather than subscribing to a particular genre. Previous releases have been on labels such as Soma Records (with whom she holds a SubClub Return to Mono residency) and deep techno label Space Textures.

Starts 23:00
Ends 03:00

DOOR TAX: 8/10