Liberation Technologies

Fri 4th Oct

w/ Souvenir, Jon K, Weird Weather

LT returns to Queen Street’s premier sweatpit with a line-up that’s stacked like Pringles made from materials a thousand times denser than potato starch. Your favourite’s favourites are making the arduous journey up north just to selflessly run tunes into the wee hours while you, the jiving patron, spin in booze-soaked circles until the lights come on and you are required to bolt. We really are ineffably stoked to have this tight-knit crew through for the evening and in the off chance you’re a little unfamiliar with any them please refer to the following:

Dynamic wonder duo Elle Andrews and Clair Voyant have been perched in the trenches of London’s underground scene for some time now, popping up semi-regularly on NTS or Balamii and establishing themselves as reliable purveyors of musical nice-nice. This is the first time the two have been in La Cheetah’s booth together and we couldn’t be happier that they do so for us.

Jon K
A Manchester staple who really is as good as they come. His humble demeanour makes it pretty impossible to mention any of his many DJ accolades without him cringing with the force of a collapsing star but we’re sure he wont mind us plugging his excellently curated NTS show, Peking Spring, as a good place to start if the name is somehow new to you.

Weird Weather
With a couple excellent releases under their two man belt – ‘Leather Chair’ on Going Good and ‘Bamboo Room’ on Emotional Especial – the group haven’t put a foot wrong. It’s often a frustratingly daft task trying to describe what music sounds like but if we were absolutely forced to we’d maybe say that they deal in the dubbed out fuzzy space between disco-esque rollers and downtempo EBM flavoured jams, all sprouting from the most left of fields. ¿Lo entiendes?

That’s about the long and short of it. It’s £5 and we hope you make it down!

Starts 11:00
Ends 03:00