Partial x 12th Isle

Fri 20th Dec

w/ Nosedrip, Victor de Roo

For an extended festive season party, Partial & 12th Isle hand over the controls of the club to a label very close to both of our hearts. The Belgian DJ/fringe culture archivist Nosedrip and his assistant Victor de Roo have been working their arses off over the past few years. STROOM has helped rewrite the history of avant-pop, new beat and wave from the 80s and 90s, shining a light on a variety of past obscurities and releasing important contemporary works from friends. Not restricted to their homeland of Belgium, over time the label has expanded to incorporate a variety of central and eastern European scenes that fit effortlessly into their unique and curious soundworld. Further to his role at Stroom, Victor manages a small-run tape label (Kontakt Group) whilst Nosedrip is busy playing the international club circuit, drafting legal documents and living ‘at the end of the world’.

As DJ’s, they embody the phrase ‘versatile’ more than most. Early doors ambient, IDM, techno and breakbeat, trap, synth pop, drum tracks, private boogie. Strong across the board with exquisite taste and a disdain for boring mixing. Skip your boring office party / ditch your old school friends / cancel your family plans. Come to this.

Further info you need is below:

Starts 23:00
Ends 04:00

DOOR TAX: £5/£7/£10