Mix 29: Fourth Precinct (Elisco)

Chapter 29 of the La Cheetah Club mix series comes from local treasure, Fourth Precinct! Following up from fellow Elisco cohort Craig Moog’s instalment earlier this week, Fourth Precinct complies a sublime selection of sun drenched grooves and certified club rollers ahead of their all night long appearance this Saturday.

Dahl has been a Max’s / La Cheetah Club member for some time now, a face you’ll recognise round these parts for sure! Since 2016 you’ll probably have caught him holding it down in the Max’s Bar crow’s nest, supplying an epic blend of funk, disco, house and jazz week in week out (as well as other well loved hangouts across the city since and the legendary Resurgence breakdance tournament). His ear for the finer, groovier sounds have landed him a residency at Elisco and his keen eye for delectable graphics the duty of supplying these admirable poster designs.

Don’t forget they’re keeping entry cheap as chips this Saturday, just £3 before 12 / £5 after!

Event: www.facebook.com/events/2552155924820582/
Follow: @eliscodiscs @fourthprecinct
Artwork: Instagram.com/mysteryinc__