Mix 30: Lenny b2b Kyle WEC (Lezure)

Recorded live at Lezure’s particularly rowdy 5th Birthday with the incredible Dr Banana who smashed it in a big way. However a highlight was this b2b warm up that had been in the pipeline for quite some time:

“In these testing times missing out on a party seems like a rather insignificant concern but we’re sad you can’t join us at Lezure tonight with a DJ we were buzzing for you to see. Instead we share the joy of UK garage for your indoor entertainment here’s a recording by resident Lenny and long time Lezure affiliate/all round honey Kyle WEC. Bringing a phat slab of the goodness on the warm up at our last party and 5th birthday with Dr Banana.”

Get locked, stay safe – the world needs garage right now, INSIIIIDE.