Wed 26th Oct

w/ Kalopsia, manu_facturer, BRASS TRAXX, Yant

Excited to announce that we are bringing Yant to La Cheetah for his Glasgow debut. Here’s so info about him below. Being captivated by the tension of clubbing from the very beginning, YANT started to experiment with various styles of music at the age of 13. Drawing inspiration from every angle, Jazz, Funk, but Ignited by his strong affinity to Drum & Bass he began producing music with his focus more and more shifting to Techno. After taking part in several event series as a DJ in his hometown he developed quickly and first realized the capacity of the intense dynamic that can be created through sound systems, raves and the club en- vironment. Driven by this feeling, his evolving passion for Techno and continuous pas- sion for music production he began studying sound engineering at university and soon created the project YANT. Being keen on the progression and longevity of the creative output of his project he works hard to bring something fresh to the table, and never fails to do so. Still rooted in the raw and gritty side of drum & bass he aims to carry this aesthetic for- ward, providing raw and stripped-down but retro-futuristic-sounding Techno. Characteri- zed by otherworldly musical leitmotifs this unique combination makes up the propelling and sophisticatedly crafted signature style of YANT’s productions. As a DJ he is inspired by the likes of Jeff Mills, DVS1, Ben Sims, and Ben Klock and always approaches to keep up energy but also take people on an auditive and rhythmic journey along with his very own interpretation of Techno: “Pushing the tracks as much as possible to fit, on the ver- ge of losing control – that’s where the magic happens.” Having played his first successful gigs in Manchester and after his first EP ‘Cosmic Bor- ders’ one thing led to another, and he was asked to play at the infamous “New Faces Night” at Tresor in Berlin. Now with regular shows, he has played at the likes of Corsica Studios, Fold and Village Underground. The strong community there strengthened his identity as an artist even more and eventually played his first gig there next to Adriana Lopez, Matrixxman & Surgeon. Having had potential gigs lined up in India, Denmark, and across Europe the pandemic hit hard, but it didn’t stop YANT from being heard all over. Besides his outstanding and sold-out release on Setaoc Mass’s SK11X imprint, he has rebased on Neighbourhood, Autonome Records, a contribution for Ben Sims’s Symbolism, and a lot more. More recently he played at The White Hotel for Meat Free, a Salford based collective specialising in day and night parties. His most recent release, Burned at Both Ends, is a collaboration with heavyweight Habgud. Featuring Cleric, Cressida and ASEC.

Starts 23:00
Ends 03:00

DOOR TAX: £5/7/8