Sunny Side Up

Wed 4th Dec

w/ PhatButcher & Lemmi Winks

☼ Lemmi Winks ☼

On the digital discs we have PhatButcher (The After Party Prince) bringing his weapons of mass seduction to the La Cheetah dance-floor. If you don’t already know this night dweller you may have seen him smashing out the dance-floor at Glasgow’s notorious afterparty Lunacy. His taste in electro, disco and big Italo singalongs would bring a tear to any androids eye.

The fun doesn’t stop there PhatButcher has also brought along his spirit animal Lemmi Winks who will be making his debut in La Cheetah. We all know Lemmi Winks as a cute little mouse that explores the organs of men alike, but today he has turned his little paws to the platters that matter. He may be small but expect big things from our little furry friend.

£3 OTD

All proceeds go towards our sustainable energy projects. Find us at the door/shoot us a message if you wanna get involved or want more information about what we do & why we do it.

Artwork credits to Slouch x

Starts 23:00
Ends 04:00